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  Ways to find new homes for pre-loved goods  

If you’re a regular reader of our blog at Lush and Green you’ll know we love to recycle, find pre-loved goods adorable and try to give a better home to discarded items in general. With a little thought most pre-loved goods should be able to find new homes in different households, so stop and think before you throw something away, would somebody else like it instead? Here are some examples of things to do with pre-loved and ready-to-bin goods.

Give them to family – Before you get rid of anything ask around and see if any of your family members want the item in question. This could be clothing, old furniture, ornaments you have grown tired of or sports equipment that you bought and never used. Ask your family members to do the same. If you’ve had your eye on your sister’s leather jacket or she’s taken a shine to your tea caddy, you never know, either of you could benefit from this mutual arrangement.

Give them to friends – Do the same with your friends. Tell them you are having a clear out and they are more than welcome to help themselves to your unwanted goods. Just because you have gone off something it doesn’t mean to say the item in question doesn’t have bags of appeal to one of your mates.

Give them to charity – Here’s another sensible solution for unwanted items. Pack them up and take them to a charity shop. Let those unwanted items raise money for a worthy cause, they’ll go to a new home, you’ll be rid of them and a charity of your choice will get a cash boost as well.

Make something new out of them! Think of practical uses for old items before you throw them away. Could you turn them into something funky and fabulous? Bet you could with a bit of imagination!

Keep checking our blog at Lush and Green for more articles about pre-loved goods in the future.  

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